These kits are an un-assembled version of the hand kit and will fit in a hand luggage suitcase. The are designed for those who travel internationally for their shooting and for Loaders or Shooters to take with then into the field or onto the peg. It is custom designed to work in the Magic Bore® hand kits only and it is designed to remove stubborn fouling fast.

Available in 12, 16, 20 and 28 bore and .410 gauge versions currently.

Magic Bore® only uses the best quality components and parts available. There have been hundreds of hours put into research, design, testing and manufacture to arrive at the product you see now. The ergonomic handle is solid aluminium and designed to last a lifetime. It is comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use. The plastic bush on the end is designed to protect your gun and to last. The plastic tube and end cap are designed to last and to keep you and its surroundings clean. The rods are solid aluminium and are split into two to keep the cost of consumables down. Initial Hand kit cost is: £60.00 and the consumable parts should last about a year before they need to be replaced. The consumable parts for the hand kit are two rods and a brush total cost £28.00 per annum. This is cheaper than buying other cleaning tools and having to replace them annually.

The material covered rods are compatible with cleaning fluids, solvents and oils. No other mops are made to this specification, They are made from the best cleaning material available on the market today and use the highest specification adhesive to attach them to the solid aluminium rods. They are also washable. 
The brushes are custom designed to Magic Bore specifications and are only available on Magic Bore® Kits. They are of the highest quality and will not work with any other kit. They are extra-long and designed to work in conjunction with the material covered rods to remove all types of fouling including new bitumen fibre wad residue, fast. No other kit will do this let alone in under a minute! It is also the only kit that will remove plastic fouling also in under a minute. 

Both the Magic Bore® hand kits and drill kits enable you to remain completely clean at all times whilst cleaning your guns. No other kit or product does this. Magic Bore® kits are the only kits that have clever design features that protect your gun. Magic Bore® kits are the only kits that use brushes as well as a micro fibre mop let alone the best of every component available. They are also the only kits designed to last a lifetime and they are the only product that cleans the insides of barrels properly in under 2 minutes time after time. 

Other bore mops do not last, are cheaply made and you cannot use any cleaning oils or solvents with them. They are uncomfortable to use and not the same quality. You will get dirty using them and everything they touch will get dirty. They will not clean your gun properly and they will not last so you will need to keep replacing them. 

Modulus cleaning kits are a pain to use. You have to keep changing jags, brushes and mops and you get filthy doing so. They are not ergonomically designed and are uncomfortable to hold and use. 

The hand kit costs less than 2 mediocre Pheasants or less than 300 cartridges. The drill kit costs the same as one decent pheasant or less than 250 cartridges. The amount of time that you will save yourself cleaning your gun is up to 25 minutes each time and over 2 hours each time if you have a DT11. The real question is how much do you value your time and do you want to make cleaning your gun a pleasure not a pain?

How It Works
Why other products don't work
Magic Bore® is a total cleaning system designed for everyone who needs to clean a shotgun. It does not matter if you shoot once or hundreds of times a year Magic Bore® will clean it quicker and better than any other cleaning system out there. It works on all cartridge types be it plastic or fibre wad. Magic Bore® removes all types of fouling faster and even with or without oils or lubricant. Magic Bore® is the only cleaning solution where you can use most cleaning oils and fluids without fear of destroying the product, unlike other products on the market.

All Magic Bore® kits are designed to last a lifetime with only the best and highest quality components and materials used. Each kit also contains consumable parts that are designed to be replaced when worn. All kits are interchangeable and all parts are custom to Magic Bore®. The two brushes are custom designed and manufactured to Magic Bore® specifications and are designed to work in conjunction with the material covered rods. The rods are made of aluminium and the material used to cover the rods is the best and highest specification cleaning material available to date. It is seamed and spiral wound to create more surface area which in turn creates more heat and catches more dirt.

Magic Bore® works on friction and builds up heat fast. The rods and brushes are designed to fit optimally to build up heat as fast as possible. The brush dislodges any deposits and the material attracts, captures it and holds onto it. It works on any gun even back bored and over bored barrels. If you attach the brush directly to the handle you can even clean your chokes individually and it is the only solution that you can safely clean the barrels properly on a semi auto while it is still fully assembled.

The Magic Bore® drill kit is the first ever drill kit on the market and it is specifically designed to remove plastic, lead and fibre wad deposits fast. It is completely gun safe with clever design features to completely protect your gun from anything metal including the drill. It is designed to work in the first 2/3 of the barrels only and this also makes it easy to use in the drill. It works dry as well as with most oils or cleaning fluids.
You will never get dirty using Magic Bore® cleaning kits as everything is deigned to be housed in its own tube. You only ever touch the handle or the tube (hand kit) or the drill and the tube (drill kit) and the push fit tops are designed to be tight so not to shake loose if you keep it in the car or take it into the field.

Why Bore Snakes and mops do not clean barrels – the scientific reasons.
There seems to be a lot of people out there who seem to be under the misconception that a Bore Snake or a full length Mop clean barrels properly. Well neither do, they only remove the burnt powder residue, they do not remove plastic or lead fouling - FACT and here is why:
To understand why they cannot remove both lead and plastic fouling we must firstly look at the composition of plastic wads. Plastic wads are made from High Density Polyethylene HDPE for short or Low Density Polyethylene LDPE for short. Steel shot generally uses HDPE plastic wads and cartridges containing lead shot generally use LDPE plastic wads. Now we know this we then need to look at what can break down or remove these two materials.
No chemical alone will remove or dissolve plastic fouling or lead – that is safe to use on Firearms – FACT. You need heat and to remove both plastic and lead, some sort of scrubber. This is why a Bore Snake or any type of full length mop will not remove lead or plastic fouling. Magic Bore kits are the only kits that have the BEST brushes AND the BEST mop material that heats up the fouling and removes it fast.


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MagicBore Travel Kit - čištění brokovnic

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