• Laporte 185E PC 12C PRO

Cena je na vyžádání dle konfigurace.

The PC 12C PRO is available with 550 or 700 clays - Purposely designed for strength, capacity, accuracy and for improved throwing distances is the leader in its field.

Featuring a new chassis, a new carousel that holds up to 550 or 700 standard clays, an improved finger positioning system and a tilted base which allows you to a set-up of various flight lines. This makes it ideal for towers or installation on for those inaccessible areas on a layout.

The tilting base provides a multitude of possible trajectories thanks to a set-up of different angles (Horizontally: 35 degrees left and right and vertically: maximum height of 65 degrees)

Going further the machine also has the possibility to throw downward to 25 degrees (Tilted support not include).

Using simple tools you can change all settings (firing angles, spring setting and magazine assembly) with great ease.

This machines are also available in a reverse version

Laporte bude vždy partnerem a inovátorem.
To, co nás odlišuje, je to, že "nejsme jako ostatní" - nasloucháme Vašim potřebám a nabídneme radu a podporu.
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Naším cílem je zajistit vaši loajalitu a důvěru.S Laporte jste součástí naší rodiny.

Laporte 185E PC 12C PRO

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